British Open hospitality 2015

This year The Open Championship, known to many as the British Open, returns home to St Andrews, Scotland.  But why is the original Open Golf Championship known globally as The British Open?

In Britain, the tournament has always been known by its official title, The Open Championship, this is the officially correct term, as designated by The R&A. While UK media generally refer to the Championship as The Open, outside the UK, The Open Championship is generally known as the "British Open". This is partly to distinguish the tournament from the U.S. Open, but mainly because many other nations with open format golf events refer to their own country's open event as "the open." The international golfing community often refers to the Championship as the British Open, as do many media outlets in the United States, such as the Associated Press.

Whilst there are undoubtedly many 'Opens' across the globe there are few with the history of the worlds oldest Major – The Open Championship.

Whether you refer to it as The Open, The Open Golf or the British Open, when booking your hospitality for St Andrews 2015 through us, the only official hospitality provider, you can rest assure that you and your guests will have the best possible experience, right on course, by booking 'Open Championship hospitality', or 'British Open hospitality'.

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